Video: Open Training 1-18-19

Recorded 1/18/19 open training session Topic(s): Introductions Using Configuration Options Questions on Configuration Learning More Open Q&A This is a video for both new users and experienced users (Approx. 23 min.)

Video: The Tasks Link

The Tasks Link displays all of your current, upcoming and past due tasks, to-do items, appointments, new leads to follow up with and follow up assistant prompts and recommendations.  See how to sort, complete, edit and view all your tasks and more (Approx. 5 mins.):

Video: The Today Dashboard

The Today Dashboard display metrics and to-do task items relevant to the user log in. All things related to you, your contacts, your activities, your conversion metrics, your to-do items are all displayed here.  View contacts categories and activities in graphs that are clickable to easily access contacts.   Watch the video to learn more about using the Today Dashboard ( Read more

Video: The Home link

The HOME link is a quick way to navigate inside of Advantage Anywhere. One click links to get where you need to go. Here’s more on quick links found when clicking the home icon (approx. 1 min.):