Video: Automated follow up workshop – Part I

How to created automated follow up, discussing TaskoMatics, tasks, follow up and more. Watch how to create, use and stop automated follow up with in-depth discussion on when to use and how to create. (Approx. 38 min.)

Video: Contacts (Basics)

This video goes over entering and editing contact records, including recommendations on searching first before entering and using the proper punctuation and capitalization. (Approx. 7 minutes)

Video: The Follow-up Assistant and How to use it

In this video we explore the Follow Up Assistant and how to configure and use it. Examples of how to configure and use the Follow Up Assistant to ensure no one falls between the cracks, be more productive, efficient and ensure your team is using the proper materials for your follow up objectives. (Approx. 43 Mins.)

Video: Making Creative Email Templates

Learn more about using the editor to make creative email templates. This is an in depth look at creating an email newsletter or invite from scratch. Includes ideas and resource links for FREE inspiration and images. (Approx. 44 mins.) Click play below:

Video: TaskoMatics

Learn more about TaskoMatics by watching this video.  Learn how to launch, complete and stop a TaskoMatic.  How to tell if your contact is on a TaskoMatic and more.  (Length 23 min.)

Video: Administration and Configuration

Configuration options available with Administrative access. Learn more about creating fields, campaigns/sources, user access and rights, finding deleted contacts and more (approx. 14 minutes).