Video: Going Mobile with Advantage Anywhere

This video shows how to add a link from your home screen to Advantage Anywhere in one click (Apple iPhone), then one click log in. That’s logged in in just two clicks!! For Android, create home screen icon:1. Launch “Chrome” app.2. Open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen.3. Tap the menu icon (3 Read more

Getting Started

A great ‘getting started’ resource for new users. Learn the basics from logging-in to searching contacts, creating contacts and how to receive support help for Advantage Anywhere (Approx 12 mins.)

Video: Opening Training (7/23/20 – Part 2)

We review emails (individual and bulk), find groups and saved searches and discuss the Mobile Advantage Anywhere version. This is a good video for levels of user. (Approx. 12 mins.): View Open Training Part 1 HERE

Video: Email Signature

Learn how to set you email signature within Advantage Anywhere, add logos, links and all your information into your email signature. (Length 4 min.)

Video: Open Training Session 03-26-20

Learn about sending individual emails, bulk email, saved searches, groups, tagging, and finding your contacts. There’s so much packed into this training session. Want to send you contacts an update via email? Watch is video!

Video: Advantage Anywhere Training Options

Advantage Anywhere user training options open to all users. We have 5 ways to learn the basics, find answers to questions, review new features and options, used advanced tools, set follow up, create marketing masterpieces and more! Here’s where to find training and help: