Video: Lost and Inactive Contacts

Recording lost and inactive or lost and deceased contacts in Advantage Anywhere is easy.  We recommend not deleting any contacts but instead marking them as lost/inactive contacts. Change to Lost/Inactive by changing the Category on the contact record.  This will preserve the recorded notes and activities, any opportunities, past sales, or residency.  All of this information is used to populate Read more

Video: Open Training 10-5-18

Recorded 10/5/18 open training session Topic:  New Features and Efficiency Boosters   See how to use both new features and efficiency boosters like ABBI, @mentions, chat, face sheets, vCards and more. This is a video for both new users and experienced users (Approx. 33 min.)

Video: ABBI and Advantage Anywhere Mobile

Advantage Anywhere is now mobile friendly! Log in and select the mobile site in the bottom right hand corner – it’s a finger friendly lite version of Advantage Anywhere. Things you’d do on a smart phone or smaller device are still at your fingertips. See the mobile version of Advantage Anywhere below:

Video: Meet ABBI

Meet ABBI, your new personal assistant.  Incorporated into Advantage Anywhere is the first voice-driven, interactive assistant designed to make you more efficient.  ABBI enables voice-driven navigation, dictation and speaks to you.  Here’s an introduction to ABBI:

Video: 8-10-18 Open Training Recording

Recorded 8/10/18 open training session Topic:  A Slice of Life   Example of everyday use and scenarios, see Advantage Anywhere in use.  Open Q & A session and more tips – includes some coming features. This is a video for both new users and experienced users (Approx. 1 hour).    

Video: Open Training Session 3-14-18 (Live Recording)

An open training session recorded.  Great intro for both new and existing users.  Good pointers and info for everyone.  Topics covered include: Contact records, finding duplicates, searching, using search filters, running reports, taking notes and recording activity.  Some marketing and follow up suggestions.  

Video: Turning a .PDF flyer into an bulk email template

Watch this live training for how to convert .PDF files into emailing items within Advantage Anywhere. Do you have a pre-made .PDF file provided by your marketing staff or outside marketing firm – or maybe you designed it – you’d like to send through Occupancy Advantage? This email gives you step by step instructions on how to accomplish this task. Read more