Video: 7 Ways to Clean Up Advantage Anywhere Data

There are 7 recommendations from March 2014’s open training session for cleaning up your data.  Everything from locating past prospects to revive to deleting Tasks on your Tasks page you just aren’t going to do..  Learn how to keep your contacts engaged and your contacts up to date with this video (Length 20 minutes).

Video: Posting to Social Media from within Advantage

Advantage Anywhere has a social media module which let’s you connect to your social media and create and post in one click.  Link your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook pages to Advantage Anywhere and post away.  The module even lets you post to company pages within Facebook.  Watch the video to see live postings to social media locations, all from within Read more

Video: The Editor – Using the editor to create emails, documents and templates to mail or print

Watch this video to learn more about the Editor and steps to create emails, documents, templates for both printing letters and sending emails.  Learn about creating a letter on your letterhead, creating a newsletter or event invite in Advantage Anywhere.  Create one email or template letter and send it out to any or all of your contact records in a few Read more

Video: How to search your contacts

Watch this video to learn how to search your contact records, how to find specific contacts, perhaps those prospects in a certain zip code, those referral sources with email addresses, those clients who purchased in the last 6 months….learn how to search your database quickly.