Video: Creating a Referral Strategy

How to set follow up and use the tools in Advantage Anywhere to create a referral strategy. A strategy to ensure each referral has the same follow up. Watch this training session to learn more about converting an organization’s strategy into a time saving sequence (Approx. 20 mins.)

Video: Merge Fields (Part 2 of 4)

Watch the step-by-step guide to sending an email using merge fields. This is part 2 in the series of creating and using merge fields. To view Part 3 in this series on creating a letter using merge fields: To view Part 1 in this series on creating the email being sent in this video: HERE

Video: Using Merge Fields in a Casual Email (Part 1 of 4)

Watch this video to see how you can benefit from using a template and merge fields in your daily routine. Step-by-step instructions and ideas for using this resource to increase productivity (approx. 20 minutes): See Part 2 in this training to see how to use and send this email:

Video: Automated Follow Up – real life examples (open training 10/28/19)

The open training session steps through 3 real life examples of using automated features to leverage your time and resources. Examples include: follow up for referral outreach/referral sources, automated drip campaign and a coaching philosophy turned into automated, prompted follow up. Watch this to see how automation can help you achieve your goals:

Video: Using the Mailbox Tab

Using the features in the Mailbox tab. Did you know, you can reply, save incoming emails into the history of a contact and turn emails into to-do items?  Watch this video to see how to use these features (Approx. 3 minutes):

Video: Cleaning up Contacts

Suggestions for cleaning up contacts, setting follow up and recategorizing contacts. Includes ways to use the system to ‘catch-up with follow up’ and find those who need follow up.This training in broken into two parts below: Part I: Part II:

Video: Using the Replicate feature to make a similar contact

Use the available Replicate feature to make a similar contact.  Replicate a contact to separate a married couple, having one contact for the husband and one for the wife.  Another example is using replicate to create a partner or professional contacting working at the same company or organization, easily.(Approx. 7 mins.)

Video: How to fill in Contact Records

How to fill in a contact record, what Categories to use, how to use phone, Zillow link, Google Maps, Social Media links and more. (Approx. 8 minutes).Click Play Below: